Gearheads & Servo Motors for Packaging Machinery

"At an average of $175/sq ft, space requirements can easily be a million-dollar problem."

Floor space is expensive and uncompromising, limits the ability to place more machines, and increases production. STOBER can reduce equipment footprint by 20%, along with minimizing maintenance and components.

STOBER's large selection is ideal for the diverse needs of packaging. Continuous / intermittent applications can be filled for dry, wash-down, and ready to eat environments.

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- Case Packing
- Erecting
- Pouch
- Form Fill and Seal
- Bag Making
- Wrapping
- Thermoforming
- Accumulators
- Cup Making
- Sorting / Diverting
- Conveying
- Palletizing

ServoFit™ Inline and Offset Gearheads
P PA Series
PH PHA Series
PE Series
C Series
F Series

ServoFit™ Hollow and Right-Angle Gearheads
K Series
KL Series
PKX Series

Servo Motors
EZ Series
EZHD Series
EZM Series
EZS Series