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SERVOsoft® has eleven typical, pre-programmed application examples such as rack and pinion, belt drive, or ball screw that form the basis of the design. Specific data and the related movement profile are added to these designs. The selection is made graphically, supported by application data in the product characteristic diagrams. A project report can be printed out directly or saved as a PDF.

Request application support from STOBER’s experienced engineers on your axis design at

For more information or additional software visit ControlEng

System Requirements

Component Required Recommended
Platform: Windows 7 Windows 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel® i5 2 GHz Intel® i7
RAM: 4 GB 8 GB
Free Hard drive space: 300 MB 400 MB
Video Adapter / Monitor: 1368x768 resolution
16bits – 16.8 M colors
500 MB memory
1920x1080 resolution
16bits – 16.8 M colors
1 GB memory
USB port: V2 V2 or higher

Installation Instructions

If you download the Trial or Activation (ACT) versions, no USB dongle is required. The Dongle (DGL) version requires a dongle plugged into the user's machine to run SERVOsoft. To install SERVOsoft, simply run the appropriate installation file (either the ACT or DGL version), and follow the instructions in the License Activation Wizard. During license activation, please select STOBER from manufacturer version list. The final step of the wizard requires you to send a license request email to ControlEng. Registration is required after installation.


ControlEng will review the request and send you a license file. For the DGL version, first plug in the dongle into your machine. Then double click the license file, and when prompted, click yes to program your license. Note: Once you have purchased a license, a USB dongle key will be shipped to you within a few days.

SERVOsoft® Software Download

Activation Version
Version:   3.3.518
USB Dongle
Version:   3.3.518
Terminal Server
Version:   3.3.518
Version:   3.3.55

For more information or additional software visit ControlEng