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Web Applications

STOBER Drives is always striving to put the customer first. Below are web apps that are prepared for your use. These apps can size a gear reducer, answer frequently asked gear reducer questions, and help you find your STOBER fit. Our staff of technical engineers can assist you with your applications by contacting STOBER at Any comments on enhancements to these applications is greatly appreciated.


STOBER is proud to launch STOBER FITS.
This tool will let you find your STOBER solution and get a quote. Simply put in your motor and see possible STOBER matches. Use the filters to narrow down your results. Then, you can easily choose your output style, mounting position, and more.



A web based app used to configure and draw STOBER gear reducer products to fit your application needs.


STOBER Serial Number Lookup®

A serial number lookup used to locate your STOBER gearbox specifications.

serial lookup


A web based app to demonstrate the savings when using STOBER® high efficiency units versus competing worm gear units.




SERVOsoft® has eleven typical, pre-programmed application examples such as rack and pinion, belt drive, or ball screw that form the basis of the design. Specific data and the related movement profile are added to these designs. The selection is made graphically, supported by application data in the product characteristic diagrams. A project report can be printed out directly or saved as a PDF. Registration is required after installation. During license activation, please select STOBER from manufacturer version list.


Additional Tools

Visit the STÖBER Germany web site, STÖBER Antriebstechnik GmbH+Co., for any other software.