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"ZV" – Rack and Pinion System

The "ZV" rack and pinion system uses the new shaft mounted pinion without support bearings. This system is suitable for applications where high accuracy is not necessary. Available on multiple gearbox styles, the "ZV" has an optional adjustment plate for easy installation.

Typical Industries:   Automation, Machine Tool, Robotics

System Compatibility:   K series, KL series, KS series, P series, PE series


Standard Features

  • Versatile pinion mounting Versatile pinion mounting - Two positions for pinion attachment: teeth flush with shaft end or shaft shoulder to fit your application’s dimensional constraints
  • Wide Force Range to fit your needs - Feed force 1.1-17kN or 247-3821 lbs
  • Gear unit and rack optimally mated together as a system


  • Installation Simplicity – made easy with the STOBER provided adjustment plate
  • Flexible – These pinions work across a variety of ServoFit gearboxes, including P, PE, K, KL and KS


Technical Data

Rack and Pinion Overview

Feed Force (kN): 1.1 - 17
Feed Speed (m/s): Up to 4.7
Linear Backlash (µm): ≤ 20
Rack and Pinion System