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"ZR" – Rack and Pinion System

The "ZR" features a unique design with a large helical gear mating directly to the rotating flange. Compared to the ZTR pinion, the ZR is ideal for high speed applications due to the larger pitch diameter.

Typical Industries:   Automation, Automotive Manufacturing, Machine Tool, Material Handling, Plastics/Composites, Robotics

Standard Features

  • Accuracy as high as 10µm with reduced backlash in certain gearboxes
  • Concentricity – ≤25 standard, ≤10 μm as an option
  • Input Options Input Options
  • Module 2 - 4
  • Wide Force Range to fit your needs - Feed force 1.7-12 kN or 382-2,697 lbs
  • Helical Racks Helical Racks


  • Flexible – These pinions work across a variety of ServoFit gearboxes, including PHA), PHK, PHKX, and KS
  • Worry free – STOBER and Atlanta provides the total solution, including rack, pinion, gearbox, and lubrication.


Technical Data

Rack and Pinion Overview

Feed Force (kN): 1.7 - 12
Feed Speed (m/s): Up to 6.7
Linear Backlash (µm): ≤ 10
Rack and Pinion System