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"PH" Series – Inline ServoFit Planetary Gearhead "PHA" Series

The "PH" Series ServoFit™ Precision Planetary Gearheads are designed for exacting demands on torsional and tilting rigidity.

Typical Industries:   Automation, Automotive Manufacturing, Converting, Machine Tool, Medical, Packaging, Plastics/Composites, Printing, Robotics, Semiconductor, Valve Control

Special Options:   Low Backlash Planetary, ATEX Certified

Standard Features

  • HeliCamber® gear technology provides minimum wear, low backlash, and low noise.
  • Gears are case hardened to 61 Rockwell “C” and ground for maximum efficiency.
  • Ring gear machined integral to the housing – not welded or pressed in – provides greater concentricty and more precise alignment.
  • The output flange dimensions are ISO 9409 and allow easy mounting to rotary or indexing tables, pinions, timing belt pulleys, transmission shafting, etc., without using a coupling.
  • Oversized tapered roller bearings and shafts for high radial load capacity and superior torsional stiffness.
  • Single piece steel housing provides greater concentricity and more precise alignment.
  • Blind pilot hole
  • The motor shaft adaption system allows installation in minutes without special tools. The patented motor coupling is designed to allow thermal expansion of the motor shaft, ensuring long motor life by preventing thrust load on the motor bearings. The triple-split collet, designed for greater concentricity and low inertia, is rated in excess of the gearhead torque capacity. Adapter bushings to fit all motor shafts are provided when necessary. No shaft key is required.
  • FKM seals, for the smallest possible diameter, reduces friction and heat buildup, increases efficiency, and allows continuous duty operation without addition cooling.


  • Excellent axial load capacity
  • Readily attaches to any servo motor
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty (2 years on bearings, seals, etc.)
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.


Technical Data

Max Output Torque (Nm): 12,000
Backlash (arc/mins): ≤1-3
Input RPM (up to): 8,000
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