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Watch the video below to see what Big Ass Solutions has to say about STOBER gearboxes.

Customer Testimonial:

" STOBER gearboxes are very quiet, precise, and have an incredibly long life. The engineering and inside sales team are outstanding. STOBER is the gearbox I want on my machine. "

Rick Keeton
Owner/CEO, Plasma Systems

Customer Success Story:

Patrick McLees, of Carolina Motion Control, is our distributor. He had a customer, Spartanburg Steel Products, in a breakdown situation over the Thanksgiving holiday. They had a roll-feeder application where a unit had failed.
SDI was expanding to our second facility. Operations were shut down for the holiday, and all the parts were scattered around the new facility.
Patrick McLees contacted SDI because he needed the part quickly. He knew SDI would be willing to respond and would have quick delivery. He was correct; as SDI had the part built and turned around in a few hours. The warranty offered by SDI is unsurpassed.

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